TU Football: The Evolution Of D'Angelo Brewer

Tuesday, September 12th 2017, 4:42 pm
By: Jonathan Huskey

D'Angelo Brewer came to TU a skinny kid from Central High, generously listed at 185 pounds, but now, he's the feature back for a Hurricane team that just racked up 424 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground.

"He's done great about being disciplined and dedicated to refining himself and his craft,” said Head Coach Philip Montgomery.

Offensive guard Tyler Bowling said, "He does extra in the weight room, like, when everybody else is just getting their protein and leaving, D-Brew's in there doing a couple extra reps."

Brewer gashed the Ragin' Cajuns for 262 yards and three touchdowns on Saturday, just eight yards shy of the conference single game record.

"He's the guy that is special,” said Montgomery. “He sets it all up. And to have that type of night and those type of yards doesn't happen very often."

Brewer also got in on the celebration fun that seemed to take over college football on Saturday. While his intentions were pure and from a good place, Montgomery said that probably won't be happening again.

"I didn't really give him a chance to say anything,” said Montgomery. “He said 'my bad.'”

Baker Mayfield got all the attention for planting the OU flag in the middle of the shoe. But Brewer gave his first touchdown ball to a TU super fan in the front row, drawing a 15-yard penalty. But again, his heart was in the right spot.

"We're part of this city and we want this city to be a part of us,” said Montgomery. “D'Angelo being one of Tulsa's own, it just shows the relationship we're trying to have with the city and our fans."