Pawnee Still Struggling A Year After Devastating Earthquake

Friday, September 8th 2017, 4:51 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A year after Oklahoma's strongest magnitude earthquake shook the state, most of the mess is cleaned up.

But some homeowners in Pawnee still have damage. 

Downtown Pawnee's historic charm is still alive after the strongest quake our state has ever felt. 

One building looks untouched now after bricks tumbled down to the sidewalk on Sept. 3 last year. 

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"It doesn't even seem like it's been a year," said Marsha Pickering, local hair stylist.

Pickering works at Klip and Kurl and is thankful her outside view is back to normal. 

"It's awesome that it looks the way that it does," Pickering said.

Not far away at Pawnee Bill's, employees and visitors wonder if repairs to the mansion will ever happen.

"Right now we're actually not sure what we can do," said Hannah Buchanan, historical interpreter. "This huge crack that you see right here was from the earthquake."

The 107-year-old building has some damage inside, too. 

"This crack right here that we have stuffed," Buchanan said. "It has kind of separated from the house a little bit."

Just a few days ago, debris from a vacant hotel was cleaned up downtown.

The mayor said it needed to be demolished anyway, but rumbling from the earthquake sped up the process. 

And even though a full year has made a difference in the way some things look, that 5.8-magnitude feeling won't soon be forgotten. 

"All of sudden it was shaking and then i looked up and i live in a town home and everything was just swaying back and forth," Buchanan said.

There are a few other families in this area northwest of Pawnee who are still cleaning up damage.