Tulsa Neighborhood Gets Grant To Fight Crime

Thursday, September 7th 2017, 9:56 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Violence this week near several south Tulsa apartments have some people thinking about moving out of the area, but help could be on the way.  

A new grant is meant to help curb at least some of the crime and violence.

It's a $500,000 criminal justice grant and part of it allows Tulsa Police officers to come out here in the community and get involved.
Cheryl Faughn said the crime around 61st and Peoria has gotten so bad, she's ready to move out. 

"I am scared a couple months back there was three other people got shot, I think it’s getting worse … the cop cars, the helicopters lots of noise, it's nerve racking ". Faughn said.

Faughn is hoping for a solution. And her answer may lie within a criminal justice grant. 

It's designed to help residents take back their neighborhood. 

Community Resource Officer Popsey Floyd said, "all of us have that same goal to go out here, to give these kids a hand up, to give these community members a hand up".

Floyd said this grant will allow officers to take time out of their days off and spend it within the community.

For one of the programs next week, they're Partnering with Tom's Bicycles.

"Come out here and ride bikes with them, just do positive things with them, things that Officers normally want to do but we don't have time to do while we're working".  Floyd said.

The goal is to help reduce crime, change perception, and even help people find jobs. 

Floyd said it takes a community partnership to help bring change. 

He said they've had other relationships in the past, including a local U-Haul dealer donating propane and a local market donating food. 

He hopes this next bicycle program will be more than fun.

"To look at this bike as a mode of transportation, not a toy. When a tire goes flat, they fix it, because this bike can get me to school, this bike, can get me to a job interview, look at that bike as something bigger.” Floyd said. 

He said he hopes the community will be able to sustain programs like these long after the grant runs out.

The bike program begins next Thursday at Tom's Bicycles at 6 p.m. All are welcome.