How To Get Oklahoma Kids Off To A Healthy Start

Thursday, September 7th 2017, 1:56 pm

It makes sense that healthy kids are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults. So how do you go about instilling healthy habits into your children?
Experts say there are many ways to start them on the road to good health.
Lynna Renshaw and her classmates are on the move. She knows this exercise is good for her - better than just being a couch potato.
"I feel sweaty, very active. I can feel my heart beating.Versus when you are just sitting playing a video game or watching TV. Watching TV you just feel so lazy, and you feel nothing," said second grader Lynna Renshaw.

These students are part of PE class in their school but it's the health department that coordinates the curriculum in the class - bringing in health education specialists to support the teacher through a program called "It's All About Kids." They're seeing the physical activity is beneficial to overall learning.
"The same neurons and dendrites in your brain are the same ones that help you move. So if you're moving while you're learning, they could be reciting math facts or doing their states and capitals while they're doing a PE game, it shows they can retain that information longer," said Michelle Todd, Health Education Specialist.
When you think of exercise you usually do think of the gym at school, but not any more. Schools like this have action-based learning labs with an area for the little kids and also for the older ones as well.
"So we've seen with this, there's been recent studies that have shown that this has decreased the behavioral referrals to the office, increased test scores and increased overall health of the students," said Charley Daniel, project manager for "It's All About Kids."
Some teachers can take advantage of these labs to strengthen academics, helping the student focus better through exercise. And many of these activities can be practiced at home.
"We want parents to know that kids are modeling their behavior so if they see you out their playing, they're going to be more likely to want to go outside and do different activities," Daniels said. 

"If they see you eating healthy, they're going to want to try some of those things on your plate, and they're going to be exposed to them and more likely -they're going to be more likely to eat the healthier foods or at least be exposed to the healthier options."
Health departments throughout the state offer all types of great suggestions to help get your kid on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Check out their websites for new ways to get your child up and out and on their way to better learning.