Backyard Bowl: Jenks, Union Matchup Thursday At TU

Tuesday, September 5th 2017, 5:56 pm

Every one of the players representing either Union or Jenks at the annual Backyard Bowl news conference had a favorite memory of the long-running rivalry. Thursday night, they'll have a chance to write the newest chapter.

"It's always the best game to go into,” said Jenks linebacker Brett Nelson. “You're playing at a great stadium, and it's always fun with all the fans."

"Everybody knows that this game is a rollercoaster,” added Union quarterback Tyler Fisher. “You expect the unexpected and you're still surprised about what's happening, so we're all excited and we're ready to play."

Union head coach Kirk Fridrich says Jenks kicked off the rivalry.

"We've been chasing each other,” he said. “You have to credit Jenks because they're kinda the ones that started it."

Jenks head coach Allan Trimble said, “As a great football program, you want to go face the best. So, we know we're going to have to coach well; we know we're going to have to play well."

This year's game has a different feel, Jenks is 0-2 for the first time in what seems like forever, but the Redskins know records don't matter.

"What record? We just forget about it and we just know they have a dynasty over there,” said Fisher.

"Even a hurt lion roars,” added Union wide receiver C.J. Moore. “So, they can come back and they can spark a movement if they beat us."

Obviously, there's no shortage of mutual respect between the two teams, but of course, there's a little bit of a rivalry there as well, football, yes, but also hair.

"I like the long hair, myself,” said Trimble. “Matter of fact, maybe back in the 80s, I kinda had it. If he would feather it a little bit more, it would be just like mine."

Between Braden Spicer and Moore, union boasts some strong salad game on their head but coach won't be joining.

"We've just said Fridriches don't have long hair,” said the Redskins coach.