City Council Considers Tulsa Dollar Store Moratorium

Wednesday, August 30th 2017, 10:27 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa City Council has been meeting late into the night as it considers a six-month moratorium that would essentially ban any new dollar stores in Tulsa from opening up.

People packed the council chambers Wednesday night as they did two weeks ago when this ordinance was first considered for a vote. Many pleaded with the city to do something to stop these stores from opening in hopes that it would lead to better food options for neighborhoods without good food options in Tulsa.

Many that attended believe neighborhoods in North Tulsa are inundated with dollar stores that sell low quality food and those living there don't have easy access to healthy food options.

The moratorium would be city wide. 

Last time this was before a council, some councilors expressed concerns that it could open the city up to lawsuits.

In this meeting, some speakers expressed concerns about racial bias and called for a boycott of the councilors districts who vote against the moratorium.

“A no vote from you is the same as protesting our desire for higher standards and quality of living,” said one supporter. “When a predominately white city council has the power to make an opposing decision as it relates to a community that is predominantly occupied by people of color, that is power plus racism, no matter how you choose to label it."

Some who spoke against the moratorium last time said banning dollar stores will not help spur grocery stores opening up.