Oklahoma Emergency Responders, Volunteers Continue Harvey Relief Efforts Houston

Wednesday, August 30th 2017, 4:44 pm
By: Craig Day

For many Oklahomans who got the call to help in Houston, there wasn't any hesitation.

They know there are people who are scared, hurting and who need help.

Nearly all of Oklahoma’s swift water rescue teams sent to Houston are staging out of a shopping center parking lot.

A command center is set up and trailers are full of equipment along with boats, but the most critical asset is the highly trained personnel.

"This is what we train for. We have all this equipment,” said Danny Turner of the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service. “We train for this, hoping it never comes; but it has come, so we're ready to go."

Once boats are loaded with extra gas and gear, rescue ropes and other equipment, they're good to go.

"We're not sitting,” said Pittsburg Co. Emergency Management Director Kevin Enloe. “We're constantly moving, and we're doing the Lord’s work."

And for many flood victims, they are the answer to prayers.

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"In one neighborhood, your neighbor’s house is underwater, and as the street goes down, the next house is two stories underwater,” said Tulsa Fire Department Captain Trent Brennen.

Altogether 20 swift water rescue teams are in Texas from Oklahoma with about 150 people, all willing to leave their homes to make a difference.

"We just want to get here and do the best we can,” said Cherokee Nation Marshal Service Mike Roach.

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GRDA also has teams helping. A couple of guys from eastern Oklahoma took off work to help. They say they joined the Cajun Navy and are rescuing people in the Baytown area.