Green Country Woman Concerned For Son's Safety Amid Texas Storms

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 10:32 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A Green Country native living in Texas is safe tonight in Tulsa with her daughter and grandkids — but her son is still stuck in Texas.

Chrystal Boyd is trying her best to make sure her house and her son are OK, all while being hundreds of miles away from home.

Tulsa native Chrystal Boyd lives outside of Houston in Katy.

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She managed to get out of Texas Friday before Hurricane Harvey.

She was able to take her grandkids and her daughter, and is staying with her sister.

"It is a roller coaster ride. I mean with the water it's up and down, it's like OK it's creeping toward your house, so every minute I have neighbors calling me," Boyd said.

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But she had to leave her son behind, who is in a Community Corrections Program Facility in Humble, Texas.

To make matters worse, she says one of her son's friends called her to say residents from another facility were brought in and her son said they were causing problems.

"It scared me to death, and I'm like, number one, there's flood waters coming in, is my kid safe? Are they gonna be able to evacuate them? Boyd said.

The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections director said their downtown facility was evacuated due to flooding and those people were placed in the Humble location.

She said there were five people who were "acting out."

They were arrested, but no one was hurt. 

"I can tell you I have been blessed in this life and whatever happens I'll make it through. I can rebuild my house. The biggest thing is you know if my kids, my grandkids are safe, my family's safe, that's the biggest blessing," Boyd said.

In the meantime, Boyd said she's praying

"God has a plan for us, and you know he's gonna take care of that," Boyd said.

Boyd said at the moment her house is safe but doesn't know when she will be able to return home.