Oklahomans Help With Hurricane Harvey Efforts

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 5:23 pm

More than 100 Oklahomans are helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas near College Station.

The group includes Task Force One, which is Tulsa-area firefighters, but they're traveling with a larger group to handle water rescues and medical emergencies.

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Terry Sivadon was on the road when we reached him in the command vehicle for Task Force One.

"They need our boats and our resources," Sivadon said.

The group was mobilized Friday because of the forecast, but not deployed until Monday morning.

They were sent to Katy, Texas, and now to College Station.

They're on at least a seven-day mission.

"That much water, in that amount of time. I've seen tornado damage. We've been to Moore, to Joplin, but this water is very damaging and it affects a lot of people in a broad area," Sivadon said.

The equipment they have includes three new rescue boats able to work in the worst conditions, and firefighters trained for swift water rescues.

"We've got 10 boats with us, five power boats and five inflatables. We've got 23 people with us and some breaching and breaking equipment in case we have to force entry to get people out of attics," Sivadon said.

The Task Force has tents, food and everything needed to be independent for 14 days.

They have three paramedics with them and said they're eager to help.

"What we're down here for is just to help. It's all about the victim and that's why we respond and train every month and stay proficient at our skills. It's so we can spring into action and help people in need," Sivadon said.