ORU Senior Keeping Close Eye On Family Evacuating Corpus Christi

Saturday, August 26th 2017, 6:49 pm

A Tulsa college student is keeping a close watch on the weather. 
Her family lives in Texas and evacuated the from the coast just in time. 

Carissa Gutierrez's family lives in Corpus Christi.

Right now, they're a few hours north in Austin. 

Family and friends have been sending Gutierrez images of her hometown. 

They show damaged apartments near the shore and about 15 minutes away, a mess left behind in a neighborhood right next to hers. 

Gutierrez, and ORU senior, said, "It's a little bit scary and a little bit terrifying because weather is so powerful. It can do so much damage"

The ORU student is starting off her senior year with her family's safety in her heart and mind. 

"I've been in contact with them every other hour," Gutierrez said.

Her parents, two brothers and sister-in-law hit the road for Austin on Friday, not taking any chances. 

They're keeping up on FaceTime, talking constantly. 

While the damage in Corpus Christi can look overwhelming, the Gutierrez family is staying calm. 

Chris Gutierrez, Carissa’s father, said "It's heading [toward Austin] too, but we're just gonna put it in God's hands"

Carissa said, she’s "Just keeping God in the mix and praying for protection and safety. As long as my family is safely away from the coast, that's what matters to me."

Chris and Velinda, Carissa’s parents, plan to hunker down until they get the all-clear to head back home.