Tulsa Porch Pirate Strikes Again And Again

Friday, August 25th 2017, 10:35 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A green country couple is hit not once, but twice by thieves, in just one month. 

Surveillance video captures a man walking up to a house in Tulsa not once, but twice in the span of just minutes stealing two different items.

Derek, who asked us not to use his last name, woke up Friday morning to a notification on his phone. His neighbor had posted a video of a man walking up to their house across the street.

In the video, you can see him appear to knock, ring the doorbell and walk away. Minutes later Derek says that same man walked over to his house. 

Derek said, "[The thief] pretended to knock on the door, pretended to ring the doorbell, and we had a small package, that just had cosmetics in it nothing big, nothing major but the package, on the front porch that we forgot to get the night before, and he took that."

Derek said about three minutes after that, the same man came back to the front of the house pretending to knock and ring the doorbell again.

"I had just like an antique garden sprinkler tractor thing on my front porch and he just picked it up and walked off." Said Derek. 

In the span of about five minutes, Derek says two items were taken all while he and his wife were home. 

To make matters worse, this is not the first time. He says about four weeks ago, someone broke into his truck, took his gun and opened the garage door all while the couple was home as well. 

"It’s violating, you know, so it’s very frustrating." Said Derek.

Derek said he hopes by putting this out there someone may recognize the thief. He says a word of advice for others is to get to know your neighbors. 

"We can coordinate back and forth to help prevent it from happening around us, so we can stop them right then and there". Said Derek.

If you have any information you're asked to contact Tulsa police.