Pleasant Temperatures Underway In NE Oklahoma

Thursday, August 24th 2017, 4:45 am

We’re in great shape temperature wise for the next few days as high pressure across the Midwestern U.S. brings relatively cooler air (not as hot) into the eastern third of the state for the next several days. Dew points in the upper 50s and lower 60s will keep the morning lows cool and the daytime highs warm yet pleasant with highs expected in the mid-80s for the next 7 days.

Current Conditions & 7-Day Forecast

We’ll need to keep a slight mention for some precipitation across northern and eastern OK into this weekend and possibly into early next week due to two items, including a weak system approaching from the north and the possible minor influence from the tropical system, Harvey.  

WARN Interactive Radar

Today a few showers or storms may brush the Red River Valley of Oklahoma but this activity will be very sparse and well removed from our area of interest.  Friday a few showers or storms may brush the southwestern and western part of the state, but we anticipate the eastern third will remain under the influence of the surface ridge with stable conditions across our region. 

But full disclosure: some of the models are bringing light precipitation into northeastern OK Friday afternoon. I’m a little uncertain about adding a chance for eastern OK with the influence of the ridge to the east. Stranger things have happened, and I’m not shy about punting on 3rd down if needed.   I’ll keep watching and pondering the incoming data. If needed, we’ll make a few adjustments to the Friday forecast later this morning.    

Watches & Warnings  

This weekend a low chance for a few showers or bands of precipitation will be possible across the ArkLaTex into southern OK but the odds will remain very low as land-falling Harvey may continue to have varied solutions in the data.  

The odds of a major direct impact (across OK) from the system early next week appears extremely unlikely but some minor influence is still possible.  The southern and far eastern sections will have a 10 to 20% chance from Harvey.   

Sunday into Monday, some data is now suggesting another weak northern system will brush the state with a chance for showers and storms Sunday night into Monday morning.   Our forecast has consistently kept a slight chance for Sunday and Monday for this northern system and I see no reason at this point to change that reasoning.  

We’ll continue to monitor all trends and make course corrections as or if we see the need. 

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For now, enjoy the cool mornings and pleasantly mild afternoons.   Not too bad for late August.

Thanks for reading the Thursday morning weather discussion and blog.

Have a super great day!

Alan Crone