Dewey Girl Glad Storm Didn't Crush Her Memories

Friday, August 11th 2017, 7:29 pm

In Washington County, the storm left structural damage in Dewey. Several people lost barns and sheds. 

The family's camper is destroyed after the wind slammed it right into their shed. The treehouse in the front yard made it through the storm - but the family is dealing with a couple of uprooted and snapped trees. 

Nine-year-old Lacey Nichols tells us about the moment she climbed out of her grandparents' storm cellar. 

"It kind of worried me to see what the house was gonna be like, what the damage was gonna be. Everything that was gonna be broken up and all the memories that were gonna be crushed," said Lacey Nichols.

A tree Lacey was hoping would not be destroyed was still standing. She told me about some of her memories climbing this tree when she was younger, and how thankful she is that it made it through the storm.