Local Yoga Group Aims To Create Inclusive Living Community

Friday, August 11th 2017, 5:06 pm
By: News On 6

Traditionally, developers build planned communities, then look for people to live in them.

Now one group here in Tulsa wants to do it backwards.

Joe Picorale is the owner of the Be Love Yoga studios.

He says this whole idea grew out of a yoga retreat last year.

"During our closing circle someone said, why don't we do this all the time," Picorale said.

That means creating an opportunity for like-minded people to live together in the same place.

But as more than just a yoga community. They want to be more inclusive than exclusive.

"From October of last year is when we really got serious and started looking for land," Picorale said.

They've identified a piece of land in Osage County that has water and trees, and it's close to town.

"You can see downtown Tulsa; it's only three miles from here," Picorale said.

They walked over the land and imagined what it can be. They've hired an architect to give what they've imagined a shape.

"It's different and kind of old school at the same time," said Shelby Navarro.

What's different, he says, is they're not creating a development then looking for people to live in it. They have the people, a couple of dozen so far, and they're looking for more.

"It's bringing that community spirit back, front porches," Navarro said.

Looking out for each other. What's old is new again.

For more information, visit  www.coalitionforintentionalcommunity.com.