Couple Accused Of Pepper-Spraying Elderly Walmart Greeter Arrested In Tulsa

Wednesday, August 9th 2017, 6:21 pm
By: News On 6

A couple wanted in Kentucky for using pepper spray on an 80-year old Wal-Mart greeter is in the Tulsa Jail tonight.

Police here worked with police in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, to track the couple to a home in Broken Arrow.

The suspects will stay at the jail until they're extradited back to Kentucky.

The granddaughter of the woman pepper sprayed says her grandma is the sweetest woman.

She says when the man started to leave the store with his merchandise and the alarm sounded, her grandmother simply asked him to see his receipt and that's when she was blasted in the face.

Mount Sterling police posted surveillance photos on their Facebook page.

You can see the greeter reaching out toward the man's cart as he leaves the store with a basket full of stuff.

Police say he was working with a woman who gave him the pepper spray before he even went inside.

Witnesses said they left in a mini-van with Oklahoma plates, which is what led the investigation here.

Police say the man is George Jude, an ex-con who served time for a Tulsa County drug case in 20-10.. this picture of him on Department of Corrections website was taken just last year.

They say his accomplice is Sandra Yeahquo.

She's also an ex-con with convictions in Tulsa County  for stolen property and using fraud to get drugs.

Police in Kentucky got robbery warrants for the pair and members of the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task force along with  Broken Arrow police, made the arrest and drove the couple straight into the Tulsa County jail for booking and processing.

The victim's granddaughter says she is doing fine now. A witness said at the time, they had to help her into a wheelchair because she was blinded by the pepper spray.