Tulsa Construction Company Signed For New Space Day Before Tornado Hit

Monday, August 7th 2017, 7:14 pm
By: News On 6

Sunday’s tornado did a lot of damage near 46th and Memorial, including the destruction of Reco Construction, a company that's been there 15 years.

The tornado was so strong it blew the roof off the building and sent the several hundred-pound air conditioner into an alley.

"We go hammered about 2:00," owner Jerry Reed said.

The roof is gone and the wind and rain left a mess - insulation dangling from the ceiling, water logged documents and blueprints, nearly everything is a loss.

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"I've been here about 15 years, so lots of good memories. I walk around and try to focus on the positive, like the fact nobody got hurt," Reed said.

His company is in the middle of some big projects and will keep working on those, other projects, though, they must start over from scratch.

"It's emotional, but got to keep it in context," Reed said.

Reed said he recently decided the space was too small and just signed a contract for a new space Saturday. He called the owner and asked if they could move in much faster than expected and the answer was yes.

They're moving what they can to the new space and are using office after office to dry out the papers they were able to salvage.

"My daddy always said, ‘Son, it's not the storm, it's how you handle it.’ I don't think he meant that literally, but, is definitely applies in this case," Reed said.

Reed said had they not signed the new contract the day before the tornado hit he doesn't know where they'd go.