Tulsa Police Have No Leads For City's Latest Homicide

Sunday, August 6th 2017, 8:08 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A woman is stunned when her neighborhood becomes part of a homicide investigation and a stranger knocks on her door in the middle of the night.  

Right now, police don't know who the killer is in Tulsa's 52nd homicide of the year.

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A man is dead after Tulsa police say 30 to 40 shots rang out as people left the Route 66 Event Center early Saturday morning. 

"The people going out were subject to a gun battle out in the parking lot. Whether that gun battle led to the shooting of this individual, I don't know," said Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker.

Detectives took a close look at the victim's SUV, littered with bullet holes, and about a mile away from the event center.

Police aren't sure when or where someone shot the man. 

The victim drove away from the scene and made it to 4th and Fulton, where police say a passenger got out and started knocking on neighbor's doors. 

"Banging on my door, screaming and yelling," said Marca Davis, Tulsa resident.

Davis says she went with her instinct and called 911 while her daughter loaded a shotgun. 

"I was ready to kill whoever came in my house. Because that's what I thought was going to happen by the behavior of this man," Davis said.

After talking with a 911 dispatcher, she learned the driver of the SUV was likely a victim. 

"The dots started connecting like 'oh the man's trying to get help for his friend, he's not trying to get into my house,'" Davis said.

Police say the victim had a pulse, but was not responsive. 

Still on the phone with the dispatcher, Davis went from preparing to end a life to offering to help save one.

"I asked her if I should go out and do CPR because I do work in the medical field, and she said 'no, stay in the house,'" Davis said.

Officers say they tried to give the man CPR, but the 23-year-old died at the hospital.