Tulsa Domestic Abuse Victim Speaks About Experience To Inspire Other Men

Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 10:54 pm
By: News On 6

A victim of domestic abuse is speaking out tonight, hoping to inspire other men.

A Tulsa man says his wife stabbed him repeatedly in the head with a set of keys just days ago.

He says sharing his story is incredibly hard, but worth it to help others.

"I had blood dripping down my face," said Bobby Ray Wilson.

Around 10:30 Sunday night his wife came home. He says she was drunk.

She started yelling at him and then hurting him, he said.

"She's hitting me and assaulting me and she grabs around my shoulders and my neck, and I'm hollering to my roommate, yelling, 'Get her off me, get her off me!'" Wilson said.

Wilson says his wife then attacked their roommate as well, leaving him badly bruised.

Wilson says he was calling police, when his wife took the phone and threw it, shattering the screen.

He says she had a set of keys in her hand and used it to stab him in the head.

"She started stabbing me, about 10 times, I don't know, a bunch of times, and on the side of my head. Blood was just all coming down my face. I already had blood on me before, she busted my nose, busted my lip," Wilson said.

Wilson says police came quickly, but his wife ran away before they ever arrived.

Officers filed reports of assault with a dangerous weapon for Wilson. Simple assault for his roommate.

Wilson says he's sharing his story in hopes that others in his situation will find the strength to speak up.

"Men can be battered and abused, too. It's not just women. I spent Monday pretty much crying because I feel like I have a failed marriage, but with God's purpose, he's only preparing me for something else," Wilson said.

Wilson filed a protective order and says he's going to start therapy.

At last check his wife was not in custody.annie