Tulsa Family Enjoys New Home Thanks To Habitat For Humanity

Saturday, July 29th 2017, 8:31 pm

With new homes being built year-round, thanks to Habitat for Humanity, the Kendall Whittier neighborhood is transforming.

Benedict and Victoria Thang and their three children are the latest to join the neighborhood; they’re enjoying the freedom of their new front yard, and a lot more space for the growing family.

"We are very happy and very excited," Benedict Thang said.

The couple escaped Burma about a decade ago and eventually found their way into a Tulsa apartment.

Pastor Robert Kim helped us understand what their first day at home feels like.

"It is a blessing for us, and especially for the children. We are so grateful, and excited, and overwhelmed also," Kim said.

Cheryl Kane with Tulsa Habitat for Humanity said since they've started working on the Kendall Whittier neighborhood, they've been able to help about 10 families find new homes.

"People get excited - it brings some new energy to the neighborhood," she said.

But their work is far from over; another family plans to move into another house soon.

A handful of homes are being built right now in the neighborhood.

Habitat for Humanity said, in the next couple years, it hopes to be on pace to build 100 homes per year in the neighborhood.

"We really knew we could make an impact in this area,” Kane said. “That it was an area that has over 300 vacant lots or boarded up homes."

The construction of all the houses reminds the Thang family of the beginning their journey, and the time and energy they put into building their home.

"The day that slab was poured, they were out here. And they've been working on that home ever since, and they also have been working to help build other families homes here in Kendall Whittier," Kane said.

And now it's time to enjoy it.

"I like this all. This is so beautiful," Benedict Thang said.