Blighted West Tulsa House Overrun By Pests, Neighbors Say

Tuesday, July 25th 2017, 9:42 pm
By: Justin Shrair

People living in a west Tulsa neighborhood say a house is unsafe — being overrun by rodents and insects.

The house, in the 2300 block of West 44th Street, was condemned.

But someone's living in it.

One neighbor said it's gotten so bad he can only be outside for a short period.

"Just been making complaints on this address for several years. Every year we make several complaints and nothing seems to happen," Jeffrey Cross said.

Cross said he's fed up that the condemned house directly behind him is being overrun by rodents, insects and brush. 

"Well we got rats coming out of there, we got mosquitoes, cockroaches, you name it. It's just a mess," Cross said.

Cross thinks the city needs to tear down the house or the owner needs to clean it up.

He said he's seen someone inside the house at different times.

A note on the house says it was condemned in September 2016.

"I don't know how he's getting his things that he eats and drinks, or his sustenance, and where's the trash going. There's rats that are huge, almost as big as cats. There's some reason there's that many, and that size of them coming from that area," Cross said.

Little has been done, Cross said.

But that may soon change.

"The property referenced has been declared a public nuisance. The city is in the process of moving forward with the demolition. However, since the house is occupied currently, we will have to coordinate efforts with our property maintenance section," said Michelle Brooks, City of Tulsa spokeswoman, in a text message.

Whether it's the city or the owner, Cross just wants the problem fixed, he said.

"I mean you're living in the city with ordinances, you've got a civilized society, there's things that you gotta do either do that, or level it, it's that simple," Cross said.

News On 6 knocked on the door of the house. No one answered.

The city says it's moving forward with plans to mow and clean the entire property.