WATCH: Train Barely Misses Muldrow Woman Trapped In Wrecked Car

Tuesday, July 25th 2017, 12:18 pm
By: News On 6

Muldrow first responders freed a woman from a wrecked car as a train went by less than 2 feet away. Authorities said they were called to an accident on Fargo Street Monday morning, July 25.

A woman driving a red car was trapped inside of the upside down vehicle by her seat belt, video shows.

Investigators said the vehicle was less than 2 feet from a railroad crossing, KFSM reports. As police and fire fighters started to arrive, they said they could hear a train coming. They said the woman was trapped inside of the vehicle with her doors locked. A train blew through the crossing barely missing the woman's vehicle.

"She's blessed to be alive," Assistant Muldrow Police Chief Tom Keith said. "After a few minutes, the train went through and she had figured out how to get them unlocked."

Muldrow Police, Muldrow Fire Department and Pafford EMS workers were able to get the woman out of the vehicle.

Police said the crossing is a dangerous area with a 6 foot drop-off. Crews believe the woman drove over the inclined crossing and her tire caught the edge of the drop-off and flipped.

"On the south side of the crossing is only 18 feet wide," Keith said. "There's a few feet difference between the crossing and the railway."

Police said a little over a week before they worked a similar accident where a white truck caught the drop-off. The truck landed on the track, but luckily they said there was not a train approaching at the time.

The City Administrator of Muldrow said the tracks and the road 50 feet out is maintained by Union Pacific Rail Road. However, a Union Pacific spokesperson said they are aware of the situation, but they only maintain the crossing and the approaching road falls under the road authority.