STEM Teachers Are Getting Educated On The Aviation Industry

Thursday, July 13th 2017, 5:24 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Dozens of STEM teachers are getting a behind the scenes tour of a Tulsa airplane facility. 

These teachers are at American Airlines getting an idea of how the aviation industry works. 

Enid math teacher Rhoni Herrell says she's been asking a ton of questions on the tour, including what kind of employees airlines are looking for. 

"They want skills. They want interpersonal skills. Basically, communication skills," said Herrell. 

These STEM teachers toured several Green Country employers over the past three days, learning real world skills they can pass on to their students, whether they plan on going to college or going straight to work. 

"Their bubble is so small that they don't see the opportunities that are out there," said Herrell. 

Tour organizers say the average American Airlines employee is 57 years old. So the airline industry will be looking for more new workers in the next few years. 

"When they start retiring, we need students who are equipped," said Lynda Wingo. 

"This is gonna be incredible networking so we can ask them to come into the schools and show the kids what it is that is possible," said Herrell. 

Nearly 90 teachers took part in this morning's tour.