Ice Cube Brings Big 3 And Many Celebrities To Tulsa's BOK Center

Monday, July 10th 2017, 4:27 pm
By: News On 6

Plenty of stars were in town yesterday at the BOK Center, along with the Big 3 basketball league. 

The Big 3 features former NBA players playing three-on-three basketball, with five players on each team. 

The league was started by rapper and actor Ice Cube, who was also in attendance. 

"Just because you're not in the NBA doesn't mean you don't lose your competitive spirit and we're excited we knew Tulsa was going to come out and represent, that's why we're here, we wanted to bring basketball to places that don't have a professional team necessarily, so that's why we're here, we having fun," said Ice Cube. 

Also in attendance last night was basketball great Dr. J, MVP Russell Westbrook, and LL Cool J. 

Ice Cube had a song called "Today Was A Good Day" and he even performed it during halftime of one of the games. It's one of his most popular songs and fit the occasion. It was a good day for basketball fans. 

The guys that played proved they still have plenty left in the tank and that has impressed many former NBA players. 

"I definitely didn't expect this to be the level of pro as it is, it's very similar to the NBA just three-on-three, but we've seen with this level and those that love to compete, this is that level and this is the place to be," said Steven Jackson. 

This was a special occasion for NBA fans. Seeing their favorite former NBA stars competing against various other former NBA stars after their career, is a sight to see. Especially for those that didn't get the luxury of watching them in person during their careers. 

"At the end of the day.. this is something that a lot of people want to see because they want to know what happened to those guys, they want to know that hey, I here I can still get it down, it's still entertaining and this is still fun basketball," said Clyde Drexler.