New Highway Signs Remind Oklahoma Drivers Left Lane Is For Passing

Friday, July 7th 2017, 7:16 pm

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the signs are in place just in time to remind folks of what the current law is before it changes.

New signs are popping up across Oklahoma reminding drivers to move out of the left lane if someone is behind them.

"People that park in the left lane are very annoying," said Charles Vangilder, Jenks resident.

Vanglider travels Highway 75 for work every day and says he only makes his way over to the left if he needs to. 

"It's typically if I'm going to pass cars that are going under the speed limit," Vangilder said.

But OHP Trooper Dwight Durant says not everyone is so thoughtful.

"It is frustrating," Durant said.

Durant says new signs on Interstate 35 and Interstate 40 are meant to remind drivers of current Oklahoma law, which says drivers on roads with four or more lanes can't impede the normal flow of traffic by driving in the left lane.

"You can travel in that left lane, as it is now. But if somebody comes up behind you, you're required to get over to the right-hand lane and after they go by, you can get back over in that left-hand lane," Durant said.

But starting Nov. 1 the law will require everyone to stay in the right lane except to pass.

"A straight line of everybody in the right-hand lane and that left lane's gonna be wide open. Except for people passing slower moving semis and slower moving traffic."

Vangilder says until then, he plans to stay calm when he sees other drivers in the left lane without a purpose.

"Try not to let it get it to you because of all of this road rage out there, you never know who's driving that vehicle," Vangilder said.

Troopers will ticket drivers $235 if they're caught in the left lane and not passing anyone.