Family Returns Home To Destroyed House After Fire

Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 5:12 pm

A Green Country family of 10 is looking for a place to live after a fire destroyed their home while they were out of state. 

There are a few signs from the outside, but for the most part, it's hard to tell there was a fire here because the house is still standing. But inside the family says it looks much different.

"It's completely destroyed on the inside," Kamrynn Johnson said. 

The house where Kamrynn and Eric Johnson spent years raising their eight children 

"We have 8 children from 17 to 4," Kamrynn said. "This is our life. It was our home."

And in an instant, it was gone.

"Everything we've acquired over the last 17 years. Everything we've worked so hard for is now under a pile of rubble," Kamrynn said. 

The family was out of state Saturday morning when the fire started.
They were in Georgia where two of their sons had just placed in a Nationals wrestling tournament. It was a celebration until their neighbor called to tell them their house was on fire.
"It was absolutely helpless," she said. 

The family loaded up right then to make the drive back to Bristow.

"I was just getting play-by-play on our 13-hour drive home. It was the longest ride of our life. We didn't know what were coming home to," said Kamrynn.  

She says the air conditioning unit sparked the fire. And with the exception of some of her sons' prized wrestling medals, Kamrynn says not much else is salvageable.
And to make matters worse, the family didn't have renters insurance.

"It's devastating. We're starting from scratch," she said. 

But even through the bad, the Johnson call themselves blessed. They have each other and support to help them get back on their feet.

"As soon as we can get a home for our babies to sleep in, I think everything will just fall into place because we have such a wonderful community," Kamrynn said.

The family says they just need a house and beds for the children.
Donations for the Johnson can be made to through Bristow's Trinity Baptist Church, the gas station's in Bristow or online.