Man Arrested In Machete Attack At Tulsa Apartment Complex

Saturday, July 1st 2017, 7:34 pm

Tulsa Police arrested 35-year-old William Butler after they say he attacked three people with a machete.

Amy Rogers lives next door to the apartment that caught fire.

"There's smoke everywhere, and like, we could smell something,” Rogers recalled.

Rogers says she and her daughter woke up to the smell of smoke, and rushed outside.

"She was like ‘It's on fire; the apartment's on fire,’" said Rogers. "I just grabbed the baby and a purse.”

Tulsa Fire Captain Tim Lopez says the apartment complex suffered pretty significant damage.

Captain Lopez says it’s the second time firefighters went to the complex in just a few hours.

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He says it's clear the second fire is arson, after someone lit a sofa on fire on the back porch. The flames and smoke made their way inside the apartment.

"They took some samples because they do think it was intentional on the backside of the porch, just to make there's any kind of ignitors that might have started the fire,” he stated.

Lopez says in the first fire, patio furniture burned. Firefighters are trying to figure out who started the fires.

Police arrested Butler for two complaints of assault with a deadly weapon.

Firefighters are asking anyone who might have seen or heard anything to give them a call on their arson tipline at 596-ARSN.