Wagoner County Investigators Warn Of Credit-Card Cloning

Friday, June 30th 2017, 5:01 pm

Investigators call it credit-card cloning, and in Wagoner County, deputies are working their first case of it.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's office says even with a chip on the victim's credit card, someone stole his information. 

His credit card and driver's license are still in his wallet. 

"It was right here in my pocket just like this," said Jeremy Gentry.

The sheriff's office says that's what makes this case unique. 

That, and the fact that Gentry's card has a chip reader. 

"But you know these stupid little chips? Does that not help at all? I mean why are we doing this if it's not going to help?" Gentry said.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott says surveillance video from Harbor Freight in Broken Arrow shows the man they're looking for trying to buy gift cards. 

The transaction was denied and Gentry says Discover let him know. 

They also told him someone tried using his card at Atwood's in Coweta to buy $1500 worth of gift cards. 

Investigators say the man had an ID with a matching name on it, to try to fool cashiers.

"It didn't affect me that much financially because they're gonna be able to fix it and everything. It's just the inconvenience," Gentry said.

While Gentry says he'll get his money back, Elliott wants the community to know whoever cloned the credit card is using sophisticated technology. 

"We've got a suspect out in the community that's actually got access to the ability to create his own card with his own chip in it and his own photo ID that matches that," Elliott said.

The sheriff also says he expects the man to strike again, and urges people to check their bank accounts daily. 

"I hope you get caught, that's all I have to say about it really, cause I don't want you to do this to anybody else," Elliott said.

I checked in with the Tulsa County Sheriff's office and deputies say they've never worked a case like this before either. 

If you recognize the man in the pictures, call the Wagoner County Sheriff's office at