Thieves Caught On Camera Stealing Trailer Full Of Model Trains From Tulsa Storage

Tuesday, June 27th 2017, 5:19 pm

Bob Buttram has a model railroad laid out in his garden.

It's one of his passions.

His trains are larger than most. They’re called Garden scale, and they're valuable.

Now, some are missing.

Monday afternoon, someone took a whole trailer full of trains and track from the Tulsa Garden Railroad Club.

"We're not worried about the trailer,” said Bob Buttram of Tulsa Garden Railroad Club. “The trailer can be replaced; there's stuff in there that can't be replaced."

The trailer was taken at 2 p.m. Monday from a storage business at 1300 N Garnett. Two men in a white truck with a Texas tag stole it.

They drove a work truck with an air compressor and toolboxes on the back, and they went right to the trailer.

After a few minutes with bolt cutters, removing the lock from the hitch, they pulled out and left.

Buttram couldn't be more frustrated.

“We'd like to have that thing back in one piece,” said Buttram. “But you know how things are when people take things, they don't have any respect for you to start with.”

The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club still has some of their equipment in two other trailers, but they're hosting a national convention in Tulsa in three weeks, and they really need what was taken Monday.

“They got no idea of what they got,” said Buttram.

Buttram says the police are looking, but he's worried that by the time the thieves, truck and trailer are found, the trains will have been dumped somewhere.

Much of what’s inside can't be replaced.

The trailer is all gray with no specific markings on it.

The Dodge work truck has a Texas tag, lights on the roof and a sticker on the windshield over the rear view mirror.