Terrance Ferguson’s Family Happy He’s Returning To Oklahoma

Friday, June 23rd 2017, 7:17 pm
By: News On 6

Behind many great players is a great family, and Terrance Ferguson's family roots are right here in Tulsa where his NBA dream started.

The TV graphic that said Terrance Ferguson, the 21st pick in the NBA draft, was from Dallas, Texas, is wrong. He’s actually a North Tulsa kid.

"Tulsa's Home,” said Ferguson. “That's mainly home, man, spent most of my year's there. You know it's a blessing, blessed with the opportunity to grow. I'm still sort of excited about it. It's kind of hard to believe right now, so trying to enjoy the moment."

Dwight Holdman is Terrance's great uncle who still lives in town.

He remembers the kid he watched mature, who used to play for the Tulsa Bulldogs youth football team.

"I didn't realize he had that opportunity til’ he was a junior in high school,” said Holdman. “As tough as it is to get into the NBA, he's a better person in life."

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But Terrance was molded by important women in his life, his mother Rachelle, a McLain graduate, grandmother and great grandmother.

"She's a big part of his success, his mom is,” said Holdman. “She's the one that started him playing third grade, competitive basketball all up and down the road. I just tell them to stay focused on what their goal is and enjoy the success."

Holdman added, "He has a really close relationship with my mother, which is his great grandmother; she's 87."

His grandmother died after a battle with cancer about a year ago.

“Terrance still tried to take care of her, see what she needs, just like a humble kid,” said Holdman. “I know she's watching up above and I know she's probably so excited for him. And I’m sure, Terrance, just to fulfill that dream, it's like a dream come true."

As for Uncle Holdman’s influence in the family conference call before the draft, he told Ferguson: "Make sure they concentrate their emotional energy based on their friends and not let the outside people influence him. You get caught up in what people may think of you, but I just told him to stay put."