Local Company Steps In After Tulsa Teens' Gardening Equipment Is Stolen

Friday, June 23rd 2017, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

The community is stepping up to help a group of Tulsa students who had all their gardening equipment stolen.

After reading the story linked below, Tuff Box representatives placed a call to News On 6’s Katiera Winfrey offering help to the students.

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If you remember, the group from Langston Academy had been storing all their equipment in an old bus. But thieves kicked in the window and stole everything.

It had already been a challenge getting equipment in the first place, but thanks to community support, they were able to get the tools they needed.

But with the theft, the kids were back to digging and gardening with their bare hands.

Once they get new equipment, the new shed will provide a safe place for storage.

"Us being a local company, we wanted to help out in any way we could,” said Tuff Box Representative John Ryan. ”And when we heard the story, how horrible someone would steal items form kids who are in a youth program.”

Carol Ainsworth of Black Flower Society added, “For such a tragic event to happen and the whole community to come in and offer more supplies and offer security, it's really encouraging for the kids to understand they are respected and cared for."

In addition to the storage shed, people have also made cash donations.

If you'd like to make a donation, visit the following link: Urban Kids Farming-Food For Thought

For more information about the Black Flower Society, check out their Facebook page.