Former Deputy, Glenpool Officer Charged With Child Neglect

Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 5:01 pm
By: News On 6

A former Glenpool police officer and a former Creek County deputy have been charged with child neglect after DHS noticed their baby was not getting enough medical care and nutrition.

Those in law enforcement I spoke with are saddened by the charges - saying it's painful to see people who swore to serve and protect not caring for their own baby girl. 

Charges filed in Tulsa County say Michael Andrews and his wife Elizabeth Andrews neglected their 18-month-old baby girl from birth.

"Poor growth, low body weight, malnutrition," said Corporal Mark Kraft, Tulsa Police Department.

Michael Andrews had been a sheriff's deputy in Creek County for more than year. The department says he no longer worked there as of May 10th.

Elizabeth Andrews had been a probationary officer in Glenpool.  A spokesperson for the city says she "was terminated from her position as a Glenpool police officer, effective immediately."

An affidavit says the baby girl had been diagnosed with at least six medical issues since birth.

"She did have some medical issues; she's a special needs child; she's had a feeding tube since birth," Kraft said.

Court records say she was admitted to the hospital at least four times for poor body weight and malnutrition.  Each time the affidavit says the parents were given specific instructions to see specialists to care for their child.  

"And they just never did that," said Corporal Mark Kraft, TPD.

The affidavit says Michael Andrews told medical staff in April he was "unsure" which doctors his baby had seen, and that he didn't know his baby needed to see some of the specialists.  The affidavit even said her special medication had run out several months prior.

A child abuse pediatrician reviewed the baby's medical history and concluded, "her poor growth was from not being provided enough calories."

"Everybody takes an oath to uphold the law and protect and serve," Kraft said.  "And if you can't even protect your own kiddo, I mean what does that say?" 

Both have been charged with child neglect. If convicted they could spend up to a year in prison.  The baby has been give to a family member. Tulsa police say she has gained weight and is getting regular medical attention.