Tulsa Woman Warns Others Of Fraud

Friday, June 9th 2017, 5:47 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman is speaking out after she says a man swindled her out of thousands of dollars.

Robert Tucker was charged with two counts of fraud earlier this week, and it's not the first time Tucker has been in trouble with the law.

Tucker is serving a 10-year suspended sentence and he's been permanently banned in Oklahoma from selling securities, but the Attorney General's office says that didn't slow him down and certainly didn't stop him.

Crystal Newby says she met Robert Tucker in the high rollers room at the Hard Rock Casino.

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She says she agreed to invest $15,000 with his company, Corporate eXchange International. She was told she'd earn $2,000 in interest at the end of six months. She says after six months, the excuses started.

 "Oh, I'm stuck in Dallas, I'll bring it to you on Friday," Newby says Tucker would tell her. "I can't make it, I'll be here Saturday, then Monday came along. By Wednesday, I realized something was terribly wrong and said, I will go to the FBI."

She did and now he's been charged again. Records show he got in trouble in 2010 for taking money from people who invested with him, for vehicles and travel.

In 2016, he pleaded guilty to taking money from people who invested with him, after he said he was rebuilding Knotty Pine Barbeque.

His LinkedIn page says he's the CEO of a financial services company even though he's banned in Oklahoma from selling securities. Another website shows he has nine companies and one non-profit. The addresses for all, are his mother's house. Plus, he has five fraud related convictions in Tulsa County.

"It makes me angry and it makes me sad," Newby said.

The  money Crystal invested was the result of her son's life insurance money after he was killed in Baghdad while serving in the military.

Newby realizes her money is gone forever and she realizes he probably won't go to prison this time either, but her main mission is to make sure nobody else gets taken in by him ever again.

News On 6 made calls to Robert Tucker. He said he would contact his attorney, but they had not contacted any reporters as of Friday afternoon.