Deputies Conduct Sex Offender Compliance Checks In Northeast Oklahoma

Tuesday, June 6th 2017, 6:10 pm
By: News On 6

Hundreds of sex offenders are getting contacted in Craig, Mayes and Rogers counties this week.

The district attorney’s office runs the compliance checks about once a year. They want to know where the offenders are and what they're doing.

Mayes County investigator Bobby Walker is no stranger to checking up on sex offenders. He helps with compliance checks in the district every year.

"The majority of them do not re-offend, but there are some that do," he said.

The checks consist of making sure offenders are at the addresses they have listed, getting their vehicles on record, and making sure they aren't violating any conditions of their parole.

While out in Mayes County, Walker confirmed at least one man on his list is compliant. Many of the others weren't home, meaning he'll have to come back again.

Erin: "Does it ever worry you, knowing who all's out there?”
Walker: “Yes it does."

District 12 - which is made up of Mayes, Rogers and Craig counties - has 247 registered sex offenders, 11 of those are violent.

Chief Investigator Wayne Stinnett is in charge of the operation.

"So far, the people that we've all made contact with have all been fairly compliant, and I know that we have one or two that are out of compliance currently that are delinquent," he said.

Stinnett said they have more ground to cover before contacting everyone on their list, meaning more days for Walker that look a lot Tuesday.

"There hasn't been anything surprising yet. I'm not saying there won't be," he said.

If you'd like to know more about sex offenders in your area, you can find more information here.