Tulsa Teens Raising Money For Children Before Climbing Kilimanjaro

Wednesday, May 31st 2017, 5:56 pm
By: News On 6

Two 14-year-old Tulsa middle schoolers will set out in July to climb one of the world's tallest peaks, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Robert and Thomas Sharpe said it’s going to take nine days up and back – about 45 miles of walking – but it’s something they’ve been training for.

“By going to Lifetime Fitness, which is a gym. And we’ve gone to Turkey Mountain and climbed there,” Robert said.

When they’re done, they’ll be among the youngest to ever climb Kilimanjaro.

Thomas: “There’s only been two people younger than us; an 8-year-old and maybe a 12-year-old.”
Rick: “So if they can do it you can do it.”
Thomas: “Yeah.”

But it’s not about the accolade of climbing the Tanzanian mountain, they also want to help some kids from the area.

The Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children operates a school and a home there, and the boys have classmates who came here from there.

Thomas said, "We decided we wanted to do something to help kids like them. They were changed so much by that. We could help many more kids."

They’re raising money and hope to go to Tanzania in July with a mighty big check.

The fundraising goal is $19,341 - a dollar for each foot of mountain.

The money isn’t for the trip, it’s to help the school in Tanzania. If you’d like to help, you can find more information here.