Alleged Tanning Bed Peeping Tom Incident Leaves Pryor Woman Shattered

Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 7:43 pm
By: News On 6

Dana Colvin said she caught a man taking pictures of her in a Pryor tanning salon more than a year ago. Now her faith in the justice system in shattered.

Prosecutors charged the man with Peeping Tom, but the case has been postponed over and over. 

Dana was inside a tanning bed and heard a loud crash, so she got out of the bed and started looking around and that's when she said she saw a cell phone up on the wall with a camera pointed right at her. Then she said she saw a man yank it away.

"I'm shaking, I'm scared, I'm furious," said Dana Colvin.

She got dressed and told the owner who called police, then they confronted the man.
"All he would do is say I'm delusional; he didn't do this, yada, yada and he tried to get in his car and leave," Dana said.

That's when Dana grabbed her phone and snapped pictures of him, his car and tag number. She says he tried to leave anyway.
"Probably wasn't the smartest thing but I walked up and got in front of his car and stood there," she said.
Police arrived. She says the man initially denied having a phone, but then turned it over to police, but the SIM card was missing. Prosecutors charged Richard Kantor with felony peeping tom. But, because of postponements, there's not been a preliminary hearing yet.
"Now, they've told me he will not have to register as a sex offender, which infuriates me more than anything. I do not believe this was his first time," said Dana Colvin of Pryor.

Kantor has pleaded not guilty and tells me he's innocent and the allegations are not true. Kantor does have previous unrelated felony and misdemeanor convictions. 

Dana feels violated and says her life has changed, but it seems to her, his goes on as usual.

While peeping tom is a felony in Oklahoma, the way the law is written right now, it does not require a person convicted of it to register as a sex offender.  

Richard Kantor posted this on Lori's Facebook page:

Well I won't say much... Preliminary hearing was supposed to be last week... Some of the State's witnesses didn't show up... There is no evidence and I did not admit to it either... The reason the court process is taking so long I think is because they don't have any evidence and they want me to take one of the plea agreements that they have already offered me. (that I will not take!) They charged me 5 or 6 months after it happened (which I found strange & MIGHT have to do with a family member that is a retired police officer) I will take it to trial if the charges are not dropped... My attorney is confident the matter will be taken care of... and in my favor. I Thank everyone for labeling me a scumbag without being convicted of anything and I can only anticipate hoping Channel 6 will do a story for me when the matter is closed. Thank you