OSU Vet Hospital Aids Two Elk City Horses After Tornado

Saturday, May 20th 2017, 9:15 pm

As tornado victims in Elk City work to recover, two horses hurt in the storm that hit earlier in the week are getting the medical attention they need nearly 200 miles from home.

The horses have been at the OSU Veterinary Hospital for a few days, and the care they're getting is free thanks to OSU Animal Relief Fund.

Queen's Hero is a long way from her home in Elk City, getting cleaned up and taken care by Oklahoma State University veterinarians and vet students.

“These wounds from tornadoes are pretty dirty,” OSU Equine Surgery Assistant Professor Dr. Mike Schoonover said about the injuries.

She is standing, but Tuesday's tornado out west left her pretty banged up, with cuts on her legs and swelling near her neck.

“I'm gonna leave those tourniquets on about 30 minutes, concentrates that antibiotic right there,” explained sDr. Schoonover.

Queen's Hero isn't the only storm victim inside OSU's vet center.

Bolt, a roping horse, is in from the same farm, but his injuries are worse.

Dr. Schoonover says debris cut up Bolt pretty badly.

“You can kind of see the type of wounds, the trauma,” he stated.

Bolt was in surgery for nearly four hours at no cost to his owners.

That's because OSU has an Animal Relief Fund. It was designed in 2013 to help any animal injured in a natural disaster. And the vet center has helped dozens of animals since.

“The students get a great experience,” said Dr. Schoonover.

But more than that, it gives their owners one less thing to worry about when their whole lives have been turned upside down.

“If it came down to having to pay for those veterinary expenses, then those animals may not have been treated,” said Dr. Schoonover.

The horses can stay as long as they need but he hopes they'll get to go back home soon.

If you'd like to make a donation to help animals, like Bolt, through OSU's Animal Relief Fund, visit the following link: Animal Relief Fund