Thieves Get Stuck In Mud After Tulsa Burglary

Sunday, May 14th 2017, 11:05 pm
By: News On 6

A group of thieves left behind a big mess - and  identifying evidence - after getting stuck in the mud during a home burglary. The homeowner believes the thieves were stuck in the mud for several hours.

Neighbors say the suspects even called for help, and a second truck got stuck too.  

The homeowner is hoping some of the items the thieves left behind will help Tulsa police track them down.  If not, he hopes to at least make sure other people stay on guard.

The thieves left a deep mark in the homeowner's yard.  In the process they took something: his sense of security and his flat bed trailer.

"It's a $1,700 trailer. I think the guys - they certainly don't mind dying for $1,700. I think is pretty stupid."
The homeowner - we'll call him "Sean" -  doesn't want to show his face because if the thieves are watching he doesn't want them to know what he looks like. 

But he wants the public to know the suspects are out there.

"Try to lose that sense of complacency. None of us are exempt," he said. Sean not only found his yard trashed and his trailer missing. He found some discarded furniture.

The homeowner says he filed a police report, but neighbors reported seeing a green extended cab truck along with an old faded gray truck speed away.
After putting everything together, Sean believes one truck got stuck and the suspects called for help.  Another truck came and that one got stuck too.

Sean thinks ditching things from the pickup helped them finally get out of the mud.

"Once they were unstuck, they took enough time to steal a trailer. They put a chain on it and dragged it from the tree backwards then took time to take the water hose off and wash their hands," he said.

On top of the theft, Sean says the crooks cut his phone lines in an attempt to disarm his home alarm.  But something spooked them and they left.

He said this was eye opening and getting away won't be so easy next time.

He said in cases like this it's important to be a good neighbor and look out for each other and call police if you see anything suspicious. If you know anything about this burglary, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.