Tulsa Man Set To Be Sentenced To Life Wants New Trial

Friday, May 5th 2017, 11:16 pm
By: News On 6

A man facing life in prison for attacking an insurance adjuster and filing a fraudulent insurance claim wants a new trial.

A Tulsa County jury convicted Prentice Ponds, 44, of several charges including robbery, insurance fraud and kidnapping in February 2017. 

That jury recommended life in prison.  But Ponds says he deserves a new trial.

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He says in August 2015 he defended himself against the insurance adjuster who Ponds claimed rushed him while he was reading the adjuster's copy of his past criminal record.

"I'm looking at the paper, he rushes into me against my couch, and then I'm wrestling with him and I push him back," said Prentice Ponds.

Ponds was already on parole at the time, but says he did what he had to in order to protect himself.   

"I told him I'd appreciate it if he leave my home,” Ponds recalled. “He wouldn't do it."

Ponds said he did what he felt was necessary to protect himself.

"After I realized he was bleeding, I gave him some water to drink,” Ponds said.

Ponds attorney filed a motion Friday to disqualify the judge on his case. 

Ponds said they found a Tulsa World article stating Judge Kelly Greenough had worked as an attorney for the State Insurance Fund in the 1990s and for that reason believe she could be biased.

"I can accept the punishment if I'd done something wrong,” he said. “But you want me to come out and be a law-abiding citizen, and I've done that."

If Ponds is not able to get a new trial, court records show is scheduled to be sentenced on May 22nd.