Flood Water Subsides Along Highway 10 In Cherokee County

Monday, May 1st 2017, 1:20 pm

The Illinois River is dropping after reaching near record level, and Highway 10 reopened less than around 10 a.m. Monday. 

The water levels dropped quite a bit throughout the morning

Monday morning at Peyton's Place Resort on Highway 10, most of the water was gone and things are getting back to normal when just one day ago, half of the street sign and building were immersed in water. 

Neighbors in the area say the flooding was a big nuisance over the weekend and they were worried it'd make the work week more difficult, so they're glad to see things calming down. 

"I was worried the water would be up because my sons have doctors' appointments and I have to get them to that," said  Emma Epperson, 

The Combs Bridge just off Highway 10 is still closed for now. 

News On 6's Katiera Winfrey will continue team coverage in Tahlequah tonight at 5 and 6.