Couple Rescued From High Water East Of Sperry

Monday, May 1st 2017, 8:51 am

A man and a woman are safe after getting stranded in high water east of Sperry.

Troopers said on Peoria between 106th and 116th Street North there is possibly six to seven feet of water.  The couple were headed up Peoria in a pickup hauling a trailer when they got stranded and called 911.

The water was up so high that the man and woman had to wait on top of their truck until rescue boats arrived.

During the almost three hours they were stranded, initially first responders couldn't find them, then troopers had to find a way to reach them.

"Due to their location, it was hard for us to actually get back there due to the high water ourselves, without us submerging one of our vehicles," said OHP Trooper Brian Rose.

Eventually, OHP said both they and Tulsa Fire launched a rescue boat on opposites sides of the rescue scene.

Tulsa Fire got there first and rescued the couple that had been waiting for almost three hours in the cold and windy morning.

Paramedics checked them out and released them.