OK Weather Experts Urge Weather Awareness As Storms Move In

Thursday, April 27th 2017, 11:53 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Severe weather is expected to arrive in Green Country Friday, and the incoming storms could put stormwater facilities to the test.

"Our computer estimates are giving us a wide range from anywhere from about four inches to as much as a foot of rainfall in a period of time that’s about 24 to 38 hours, which is an incredible amount of rain in extremely short period of time," said News On 6 Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer.

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With severe flooding possible throughout Green County, stormwater facilities – like the one at the Metro Tulsa Soccer Club - may be in full use.

"Once the creek gets to a certain level, the intake valves over here will open up and the water will flow into here so that the creek doesn’t overfill. And what it does is it keeps it at a level so that it doesn't flood the housing and everything down the creek," said complex manager Al Beall.

Beall said once Mingo Creek starts receding, the water will then drain back out; but, he said in his 14 years managing the area, he's only seen the water rise to about five feet.

East Tulsa resident Cory Benson said she’s not concerned.

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"I haven't had anything come inside my home, so I do get puddles out back like I was saying, but other than that we don't have any problems with it," she said.

Others, like Jennifer Claybrook, are a little anxious.

"Maybe, yes. It never has but I am kind of worried," she said.

Our Oklahoma Weather Experts say be alert because, right now, this is considered a life-threatening storm; most importantly, they say to take some precautions, especially if you're driving.

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"Underpasses, any place that is prone to flooding intersections that are low, those are the places once you see water over the road it’s really not a great idea to be headed that way," Meyer said.

Since the storm is slated to hit Friday night, you should be especially weather aware if you're out at a restaurant or bar into the evening to early morning hours.