OK Woman, Subject Of Recent Amber Alert, Speaks Out

Tuesday, April 25th 2017, 6:41 pm
By: News On 6

The woman who was the focus of an Amber Alert last week says there is more to the story.

Sarah Lewis says her boyfriend and his sister lied to a judge, which led to an order to remove her children, and, ultimately, led to the Amber Alert.

Lewis said she wasn't on the run to avoid the judge's order, she was simply trying to escape an abusive relationship that included being choked, pushed and threatened.

She said she first went to Payne County - where her brother lives - to file a protective order but learned she had to be a resident. Lewis then headed to Arkansas where her best friend offered to get her and the kids into a safe house.

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"It just felt like that was the right thing to do, to get us in a better situation," Lewis said.

She admits her relationship with Dakota Keener, the father of her two youngest kids, has been riddled with drug use and abuse. She even failed drug court and served time in prison for selling pot years ago.

Lewis said she's tried to leave but it's not always easy.

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"A lot of times he would threaten me with the children, ‘If you leave me I'll make sure you never see the kids again,’" she said.

Lewis said her boyfriend and his sister lied last week when they told a judge she was smoking meth and was an immediate danger to her kids, which led to an Amber Alert.

As soon as Lewis heard the alert on her radio she called and surrendered.

She passed a drug test that proved she'd been clean for 10 days; the deputy said Lewis was sober and she and the children - nearly 2-year-old Adelyn and 2-month-old Max - were clean and well cared for, unlike how she'd been described to the judge, so the sheriff's office is investigating.

Lewis’ boyfriend's sister now has guardianship of the two little ones and Lewis wants them back.

"I'll do whatever they want. I'll take a drug test every week if that's what they want. I'll do anything," she said.

Lewis has been allowed a one-hour supervised visit with her kids and goes to court May 2nd to try to get them back.