TU Rape Suspect To Be Extradited To Oklahoma

Monday, April 24th 2017, 8:03 pm
By: News On 6

The TU rape suspect is finally coming back to Oklahoma to face charges filed last year.

Police say Luis Molina assaulted women in their sleep, but he headed for Mexico when a warrant was issued.

He made it to San Antonio before being arrested.

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The two arguments Luis Molina made to avoid coming back to Oklahoma to face the charges were that he isn't the person police are looking for and that the governor didn't sign the extradition so it's not proper. 

The state proved with Molina's picture, date of birth and other personal information that he is in fact, the person wanted on two dozen charges.

They also proved Mary Fallin was out of town, so Lt. Governor Todd Lamb was the proper person to sign the extradition.

The first judge ordered Molina back to Tulsa, but Molina appealed and now an appeals court has ruled the same thing.

Some wonder why it's taken six months to get him back to Oklahoma.

"Everybody has rights. Just because you're arrested out of state, doesn't mean you're not entitled to all the rights of somebody arrested in this state," said Jimmy Dunn with the Tulsa County District Attorney's office. 

Dunn is in charge of extraditions for the DA's office and said this one has taken longer than any he's ever done, but, Oklahoma wasn't about to give up.

"Any kind of violent felony, I'm bringing them back," Dunn said. 

Police said Molina went through unlocked doors in off-campus apartments at TU and touched women in their sleep. 

They said they found a video of him raping an unconscious woman on his cell phone. Police said TU kicked him out, the warrant was issued and his dad came up from Mexico and the two headed south, where he was caught in Texas and been in jail this whole time.

Because Molina still has a 30-day window to file any additional appeals, the soonest Oklahoma could go to Texas and get him would be May 19.