Tulsa Hurts Donut Worker Posts Surveillance Photos Of Suspect Thieves

Tuesday, April 18th 2017, 8:51 am

Police are looking for three people after employees at one of downtown Tulsa's most popular new businesses had their purses stolen. Surveillance pictures of the incident have been showing up on Facebook.

Hurts Donut is one of the few downtown businesses open 24 hours, and police described a diversion tactic used by a group of three last week to get away with hundreds of dollars worth of personal items.

There are surveillance photos posted by a woman on Facebook who said they're taken from Tulsa's Hurts Donut store last Monday, adding 'Please please share.'"

Police tell me a woman came in around 3 a.m. last Monday saying her boyfriend was harassing her.

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After looking at security video, police said, while she was in the store a car pulled up in the back alley, came in an employee entrance and grabbed two employees' purses or backpacks with more than $500 of belongings in them. Minutes later, police say, the thief came in the front entrance of the store and left with the woman who'd come in complaining of harassment.

Police are still looking for these people and they tell me this case is potentially grand larceny - a felony crime.