Jury Selection Begins For Tulsa Woman Who Attacked Victim In Casket

Monday, April 17th 2017, 8:02 pm
By: News On 6

Attorneys began picking a jury in the case of a woman charged with attacking a victim in her casket.

Prosecutors said Shaynna Sims cut the victim's face and removed her breasts and toe at the funeral home.

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They started with 50 potential jurors and will ask them questions such as whether they've heard of this case and if so, can they still be fair to both sides. 

Once they pick 12 jurors with some alternates, testimony will begin.

Many of the potential jurors have probably heard of Shaynna Sims because the case has been unusual from the start.

Sims went to a funeral home in the spring of 2015 with her mother, daughter and sister. Prosecutors said while there, Sims went to the casket of a woman named Tabatha, who had died of natural causes. Tabatha was the ex-girlfriend of Sims' husband.

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They said Sims cut Tabatha's face, then cut and removed her breasts and a toe. They say Sims then went to the victim's apartment and lied to get inside, to retrieve some items. 

Police were called and said Sims had scissors, a box knife and the victims' stolen shoes with her.

Sims was released on bond and told not to leave Muskogee County but prosecutors said she showed up at the Tulsa apartment complex, where the victim's children live, wearing a wig. Her bond was revoked.

Sims also showed up at one court hearing wearing a wig.

Sims was already on an 18-month deferred sentence when the casket case happened.

A woman who had years earlier dated Sims' husband, said Sims stalked her so the woman went to court to get a protective order. She said Sims bumped into her in the hallway, then Sims started screaming she'd been assaulted.

After reviewing the surveillance, deputies arrested Sims. She later pled guilty to misdemeanor assault.