Four Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Tulsa

Sunday, April 16th 2017, 9:54 am

Four people are in jail for drug trafficking Sunday morning after police arrested them in a hotel in east Tulsa. A stolen car led to their arrests, according to Tulsa police.

Officers spotted the stolen car near the Deluxe Inn at 31st and Memorial. They said Jamie Stazenski tried to drive the car away, so they arrested her.

While investigating the stolen car - police found evidence of drug activity at the Deluxe Inn and ended up arresting three more people. Officers found what they called a large amount of meth in a hotel room. 

Stazenski, along with Alexia Frenchman, Stacey Goad and Demetrice Woodward were arrested for trafficking meth. Everyone involved except Woodward was also arrested for having the stolen car. 

Police said they returned the stolen car to its owner.