Four Arrested In Talala Accused Of Running Counterfeit Operation

Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 11:01 pm
By: News On 6

Four people are in the Rogers County Jail; police believe they were running a counterfeit cash and stolen property operation out of a Talala home.

The investigation actually started about 80 miles away in Ottawa County where the suspects were buying items on Craigslist with fake cash.

"Stuff like this just don't happen here," said neighbor Ray Henderson.

Henderson woke up early Wednesday morning to find a crowd of police at the property next door - a surprise, he said, considering he knows some of the people living there.

"And I've met two of them, they seem like normal people. Wouldn't expect nothing like that to be going on," he said.

Talala Police worked with Rogers County deputies and Oologah Police, even the FBI, to arrest two men and two women on a laundry list of felony complaints.

Officers said the group fired gunshots at the people who sold them items on Craigslist once they discovered the group's cash was fake.

Inside the Talala home, officers found what they believe is methamphetamine, as well as printers and stamp kits to make counterfeit bills, and, a stolen truck.

Lieutenant Gavin Gatrell said the group was likely running a chop-shop - illegally selling stolen parts - all the while using fake money.

"There's no telling how long they've gotten away with doing it,” Gatrell said. “There's instances all over the state where fake bills are passed, and who knows how many they've passed?"

Police say if you're going to use Craigslist, meet at a public place for the transaction and check to make sure the cash is real.