Syrian Native Living In Tulsa Supports US Missile Strike, Wants More Action

Friday, April 7th 2017, 7:28 pm

Syrian native Abdul Salam Alhlou is living in Tulsa and said he'd like to see an even stronger American response in his war-torn country.

Alhlou said so many Syrians he knows in Tulsa are often afraid to share their thoughts on their native country. He's not, and he's ready to see an end to the Assad regime.

"Beautiful family, I have four kids, beautiful wife,” Alhlou stated. “She was born in Syria. I brought her here 30 years ago."

Alhlou is proud to be living in Tulsa with his family.

"I made the American Dream,” said Alhlou. “It's a great country to be here, and the reason why, because I chose to be here."

Born in Damascus, he moved to America in 1977.

He and his wife run a jewelry store at the Promenade Mall, but not all of his family is so close.

"I had two cousins got killed two weeks ago in a bomb in Damascus, two lawyers,” Alhlou recalled. “I’m gonna cry, but that's what happened."

Alhlou said he cries every night about the images he sees from nearly 7,000 miles away.

“Every day, that's not right,” he stated.

Alhlou said he felt relief learning about the US missile attack Thursday night.

But he argues the United States could do more.

"I was so glad, but I thought, I was hoping, that President Bashar Al Assad would be killed in that attack,” he said.

He said Assad destroyed his native country where one of his sisters still lives.

"She is not afraid,” he said. “She has faith. She never afraid of anything because we believe whatever happens to us is going to happen to us no matter where we are."

Alhlou spoke to his sister at 4 a.m. our time and said she's doing fine.