Tulsa Law Enforcement, Homeland Security Agents Make Heroin Bust

Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 4:53 pm
By: News On 6

Homeland security agents teamed up with Tulsa police and Tulsa County deputies for a heroin drug bust in Bixby Wednesday. 

They arrested three people and News On 6 got the story exclusively. 

Agents and officers said we're seeing a big resurgence of heroin in Green Country and they said it's coming from the same source where the meth is coming from - south of the border. 

Federal agents and officers arrested three men and all were booked into jail for heroin trafficking and having drug proceeds. All three were held without bond.

They said the three men bring the heroin to Oklahoma, find a quiet place with cheap rent and set up shop.

They can be hard to catch because they don't stay for long periods of time. Others come to the state to replace them.

"They can come to town and pick up and leave when the heat is on. It makes it more difficult but like any other investigation, we adapt and figure out ways around that," said one undercover officer. 

They said as Oklahoma cracks down on the sale of painkillers, those addicts turn to heroin, because it's  cheap and has morphine as its base, but, some people mix in something much more dangerous.

"The big danger with heroin is one of the ways of manufacturing it is with Fentanyl and it's so much more powerful in small doses and can cause overdoses," the undercover officer said. 

They said even though we're seeing more heroin in Green Country, it's not yet to the level people on the East Coast are seeing.

"I think we do a pretty good job trying to stay on top of it," the undercover officer said. 

Neighbors said they didn't see a lot of people coming and going from this place. Agents said that's because they don't think it was being sold out of here. They believe the site is a distribution center and it's where the men were living. All three of the suspects will be held for ICE.