Lightning Is A Dangerous Fact Of Life In Oklahoma

Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 9:52 am
By: Alan Crone

About 50 people die every year from lightning strikes. 

It's one of nature's deadliest phenomena, but you can stay safe, by paying attention to the warning signs we've all been taught.

When the thunder rolls, go indoors immediately. Thunder is the sound of lightning as it heats the air to near 50-thousand degrees. When you hear it,  you're close enough to be victim of a strike. 

If you can't get  inside a sturdy structure, don't be an easy target.  Lightning often strikes the tallest object..

If you're on the golf course, the lake or playing in a field, you may be the tallest object around. 

Priority 1 is to head for cover, but don't take shelter under a tree.  If hit, the current will flow through the tree and the ground around it..

Sheltering under a tree is a leading cause of lightning deaths.   

A car can provide good shelter. The metal roof and sides protect you as the electric charge goes around the car --- just stay inside until the threat is over. 

Think you're safe at home?   Lightning can travel into your house through the pipes or electrical wiring... that includes the house phone.  You're safe to use a cell or cordless phone. 

Just don't use plug-in appliances or plumbing during a storm.